In today’s fast-paced business landscape, communication remains the backbone of any successful enterprise. Amidst the digital revolution, fax communication may seem outdated, but it continues to play a pivotal role in many industries. With the evolution of Internet technologies, Buisness all around the globe has tendency to shift Fax communciations over internet protocl to replace existing traditional fax machines and related hardware,

ICTFax is the real solutions to send and recieve Faxes over internet protocl also creating multiple user accounts for their sub organizations and employees and it requires only one single machine to deploy and replace all Fax machines and accessories.

ICTFax SP Edittion is whitelabel and Multi-Tenant Fax Server Software and it enable customers to offer hosted Inbound and outbound as well as email to fax and fax to email Fax services to their customers with their own brand .

Why ICTFax Whitelabel Multi-Tenant Fax Server Software?

1. White-Labeling for Brand Consistency

One of the standout features of ICTFax is its white-label capability, allowing you to brand the software with your company’s identity/Logo. This not only creates a professional image but also instills trust among your clients. ICTFax software will be perceived as your own, enhancing brand recognition and loyalty.

ICTFax service provider edition provides Logo branding, footer branding and header branding customization features to Internet telephony service providers those want to sell their services with their company identity.

As ICTFax is open source fax server software and its source code available the you can change its theme designing customization according to your need by changing in source code and angular files. In ICTFax email notification feature is also offering as white-label branding for service providers customers. They can receive all their message, faxes and notification through their business email that will configured into system.

2. Multi-Tenant Architecture

ICTFax’s multi-tenant architecture is tailored for businesses that serve multiple clients or have numerous Users roles with unique fax requirements. It streamlines the management of multiple fax servers, reducing operational overhead and ensuring seamless fax communication across the organization.

ICTFax Service Provider Edition offers following roles:


Admin is the owner of ICTFax setup. Admin manage and monitor overall ICTFax setup and resources. Admin create tenant/client and allocate resources to him. Admin create and manage over all system resources such as extensions/DID’s. Admin setup Route management and configure trunk, routes. Admin also can Add dedicated trunks and assign them to specific tenant/client.


Tenant/client manage users and tenants accounts. Tenant creates and manages multiple users and tenants accounts. Tenant/client assign resources to each users such as extension, DIDs and dedictaed trunks. Tenant/Client also can distribute fax quota limit among his users from his assigned fax limit.


User Can send and receive outbound faxes as well as fax campaign. User manage and monitor faxes and all his resources and his data. User can also create contact group and contact.

3. Hippa Compliant Fax software with enhanced security.

Security is paramount in fax communication, especially when dealing with sensitive information. ICTFax implements robust security measures, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of your fax data. With encryption and access control, you can trust that your communications are secure.

ICTFax features Retention and Hippa Compliance support . In retention support Faxes are automatically deleted after the retention period configured by admin. For example if admin has set 1 day as the retention period for a tenant / user, Faxes of said tenant / user will automatically deleted after 1 day.

In Hippa compliance, whenever ICTFax system receive a Fax documents, it automatically encrypt these Faxes immediately and save Fax documents in encrypted form. Hippa Compliance make sure that no one including admin can decrypt / view the content of Fax documents. Only destination user with encryption key can decrypt and download it also after set retention period the Fax will automatically deleted from ICTFax system provided the user has downloaded the Fax document.


In conclusion, ICTFax Whitelabel Multi-Tenant Fax Server Software represents the future of fax communication. It marries the traditional reliability of fax with the efficiency and convenience of modern technology. With white-labeling, multi-tenancy, and customization at its core, ICTFax offers a unique and compelling solution for businesses seeking to streamline their fax communication in a digital world. Embrace the future of fax with ICTFax and watch your communication capabilities evolve.