ICTFax provides an advanced user management module that allows admin to add/remove users, manage roles, implement authentication policies and change passwords, etc. There are following steps are listed to create a new user.

Click on the administration main menu, then click on the user management sub-menu. It will open a list of users, API name, first and last name, and other details.

  • Click the edit button for an overview and to make changes to the user’s information.
  • Click on the arrow icon in the operation column associated with the desired user, it will switch to that user’s account.

User List

Create a new user in ICTFax

Click on add user button, it will open the user form contains required fields such as:

  • Write API user name in the field box.
  • Write the password in the field box.
  • Choose country and time zone from the drop-down list.
  • Set fax limit in the field box, it will allow users to send faxes on a daily/monthly basis under certain limits.
  • Select role e.g (User, Admin)
  • Click on submit button to complete the action as shown

User add form

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