The world of marketing has changed dramatically in the last year, but the good news is that, throughout the pandemic, it is still going forward. New times, however, necessitate new sales tools, particularly if you’ve recently moved to a remote work environment. For several, this can imply purchasing a power dialer. I’ve observed exactly how beneficial these resources can be. However, there are a few best practices to understand if you want to get the most out of these solutions.

Types of Dialers

There are 3 types of dialers available

  • Predictive Dialer
  • Power Dialer
  • Preview Dialer

Here complete detail about the types of dialers.

Main Factor to Select Suitable Dialer for Your Business

If you want to automate the dialing process in your contact center, you must first specify which form of dialer is best for your company before investing in dialer technology. Every company is different and has its own set of requirements and restrictions, so consider the following considerations before investing in a call center dialing system.

Various Types of Call Center System

The first step in setting up a dialer system is to clearly identify the call center process you want to automate. Do you want your agents to generate leads by outbound dialing or cultivate and close leads within a particular time frame, for example? Both of these cases actually require the use of separate dialer software. A predictive or power dialer is ideal for high-volume calling that requires immediate results, such as lead confirmation. On the other hand, A preview dialer is a perfect option for low call volume processes like closing warm sales leads or high attention processes like debt collection, since it provides the agent with specific orders before calling, resulting in better interactions and higher lead conversion.

Total Number of Agents

The size of a contact center has a significant impact on the type of dialer that should be used for your business. If you have a high to mid-size call center with a sufficient number of agents and a large list of contacts to query, using a predictive dialer to automate the list and filter for qualified leads is a good first step. Predictive dialing is a recommended method for increasing productivity because it reduces agent idle time. A power dialer would be a better option for a small call center with few dedicated agents and restricted lines because the agent would be available online all of the time to answer linked calls.
Also, regardless of the number of agents, a preview dialer is the best choice for your company if your system needs high context-based conversations with increased ROI.

Possibilities of Specific Targeted Customers

Customers who are the type of targeted customers, you’re looking for The dialer for your call center should always be determined in collaboration with your target customer type, since the unsuitable dialer can harm your business and destroy your bottom line. For example, The unsuitable dialer should not be used for high-value prospects because they necessitate a focused approach to dialing. Second, a power dialer is a superior alternative for most B2B organizations when a complex sales technique is necessary to get past the gatekeepers. As previously said, high-detail leads should only be called using a preview dialer to advance them through the sales funnel, which should be accompanied by context-driven dialogues.

Quality of Lead Origin

To have an impact on your lead conversion rate, how do you call your leads produced from several lead sources? If you’re spending a lot of money on lead generation from the web or other valuable sources like events, you’ll want to make sure no lead goes to waste. Such leads should either be handled by a power dialer, where a dedicated agent is always available to answer connected calls and apply marketing skills to navigate through, or by a dedicated agent who is always available to answer connected calls and apply sales skills to guide through. A preview dialer is a good way to nurture leads with a longer sales cycle and a larger return on investment.
To conduct seamless contact center services, you should examine the dialer software for easy scalability and integration capability with other call centers software features like CRM integration, IVR, and lead management functionality, in addition to the above-mentioned critical aspects.

If you’re still having some questions about deciding which auto dialer is best for your company, let us know in the right bottom chat section. Our contact center professionals will assist you in judging and selecting the best dialer.