We are pleased to announce that ICTFax Version 4.0 Released today , a tested and mature software solution for enterprises and organizations, ICTFax 4.0 is now avaialbe to our customers, ICTFax is a web based Foip server powered with angular with theming support and advanced features like Sending Multiple attachemnts, Fax Extensions and ATA Support.

New ICTFax version is completely powered with angular which acts as client to ICTCore, dropping the backward compatibility of Drupal 7 with new and advanced features of angular.

It is based on ICTCore, Freeswitch with new integratd REST based APIs using ICTCore and offers the features like sending fax, receiving fax, and full fax management support all in one place on a web based Application.

ICTCore is an open source unified communications framework for developers and integrators to rapidly develop ICT based applications , Read more about ICTCore here.

Following are the new features of ICTFax 4.0:

Send multiple files (Optional)

Now you can add and send multiple attachments in the new version of ICTFax enabling you to keep your message organized and increases your efficiency by leaving more time to perform other essential business tasks. You can attach any type of file like PDF, JPG or TIFF to send your attachment.

Fax Extension ATA Support

Extension support enable Fax machine to attach with Foip Server through ATA or other and empower user to send and recieve Fax through Fax machine integerating Fax over IP at back end for complete Internet Fax administrations. The Fax ATA solves the issues of the security and unwavering quality by associating the Fax machines over the open web, enabling client to interface their fax machine to their fax to email supplier and enabling business to blend Fax machine traffic with their work area faxing.

API Support

New version of ICTFax provides REST based APIs to send and receive fax, manage contacts and forward to the extension, download the document, upload the document and much more.

Complete List of Features

  • Free Fax to Email Server
  • Improved Dashboard
  • Monitor the Statistics i.e Total Contacts, Processed Contacts
  • Send Fax to the desired contact
  • View Received Fax
  • Download the Received Fax
  • Create DID Numbers
  • Create DIDs in batch
  • Assign DID to the user
  • View All incoming numbers
  • Select the service of your choice on the incoming number
  • Manage & Configure Trunks
  • Create Documents with multiple files (Optional)

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