How VoIP is Different From Traditional Communication


Internet telephony has been around for many years in different forms. It is not a new technology for us. Due to some advancement in this technology, it becomes more reliable. Its become the number one choice of many businesses. The reason of become the number one choice is low dropped calls, high call quality, and reliability.

In the start for communication exist POTS (plain old telephone service) system. It runs over the Public Switched Telephony Network (PSTN). This was only the tried-and-true method of which used the telephone service known as circuit-switched. It is an expensive method of communication. The cost related to the regulated circuit-switched PSTN remain much higher and customers have to bear this cost. VoIP(voice over internet protocol) is a good alternative to a circuit-switched telephony system. It is a cheap solution as compare to old PSTN and enhances productivity by reducing cost.

VoIP provides some services which traditional communication system cannot provide. VoIP has the ability to work very well all kinds of networks. VoIP also has the ability it works well with all IP enables devices like personal digital assistance, IP telephony, and computers. In VoIP traffic is carried out over the internet while in a traditional communication system (PSTN) traffic is carried out through dedicated phone lines. VoIP convert data into digital format before it travels on the transmission media on the other hand traditional communication transmits media in the form of analog signals.

Comparison Between VoIP And PSTN

Lets we see the feature comparison between advanced communication systems (VoIP) and traditional communication systems (PSTN).


Channels are carried out over one Internet connection.
Result of compression in 10kbps in each direction.
Provide advanced features of call waiting, Caller ID, and many more.
Upgrade only require in case of bandwidth upgrade and software upgrade.
Low long-distance prices usually included in the monthly regular package.
Emergency calls cannot always be traced.


It used dedicated lines.
Each line supported 64kbpa in each direction.
Feature of call waiting and caller id are available with extra cost.
For up-gradation required new equipment and line provisioning.
The long-distance call is expensive and comes with per minute or bundle package.
911 calls are traced out.