To get leads in today’s market, it is important to reduce unnecessary costs with a lean, profitable corporation that produces consumers feel confident about doing work with you. Consumers are searching for eco sound goods and give priority to companies who recognize their impact on the earth. That’s why moving from a costly fax machine to an online fax software would not only save you bucks, it could give you the advantage that lets consumers prefer you over the competitors.

ICTFAX is a powerful fax application that enables a broad variety of fax-related functionality. Users will send faxes from the internet, faxes from the e-mail address, and faxes to the e-mail account and the website. Campaigns offer their customer the service to send a vast volume of data with much less time. It sends a fax from the user to the receiver via Fax over the Internet Protocol (FOIP) to send a fax. Fax over IP is a particular protocol. The primary structured protocol for this is T.38. It also uses G.711, which, in the absence of T.38, is a low compression codec.

What Can ICTFax Do for You and Features

Send and receive faxes online at any time with ICTFax, which is the most popular FAX application and providing fax service for several years. Your ICTFAX account contains a vast number of features, including:


Experience the ability to send faxes with your e-mail address. Faxes can also be obtained/received by any email provider.


Use the ICTFAX with the powerful dashboard monitor tool to track the activity of fax lines and devices in real-time. The ICTFAX dashboard displays all the settings, configurations, and their current transmission state. Offers services for the production of transmissions and promotions from the main page too.


In this time of paperless offices and digital records, you’d think that the paper-and-ink fax machine would eventually be able to retire. Faxing is also an important aspect of doing business with some kinds of documents (e.g. legal contracts) and certain sectors, such as public affairs. Fax applications and utilities make it easy to send and receive faxes without reaching the physical fax machine. Any document you make on your computer can be sent to your fax machine via e-mail or the Internet.


The procedure of receiving faxes from a fax machine or from a fax server on the Internet is called Web to Fax. Fax is transmitted through Public Switched Telecommunications Network (PSTN) to the fax server that receives the fax and transforms it into PDF or Tiff format, as instructed by the recipient.


ICTFAX has made it easy to send and receive faxes by E-Mail. ICTFAX supports vast numbers of documents eg. PDF, JPG, TIFF in an email attachment to send a fax on the fax machine. ICTFAX allows the user to transfer a copy via an email to a fax machine via e-mail to fax service. The user can also receive a fax in an e-mail account as a PDF file format via fax to e-mail. You can send a fax by email by doing the simple following steps

Sent fax by Email

  1. After you have begun your ICTFAX system, all you need to do is write a new e-mail address. You can use any email provider, such as Gmail, Outlook, or Yahoo.
  2. Add attachments, just as you would have done to any email. They can be PDFs, MS Office archives, JPEGs, or a large number of other file formats. ICTFAX will turn them to fax pages for you.
  3. Simply insert or submit your cover page to the email body.
  4. Your fax is on its way.

Sent Email by Fax

  1. When your ICTFAX account has been enabled, you can start receiving faxes directly at your fax number.
  2. Login to your email address, whether it’s via Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, or some other email network. Your faxes will deliver privately and safely at the e-mail address you choose.
  3. Once you have opened an email from ICTFAX, just click on the email attachment to access the fax. No more fax machines, busy signals, or waiting.


You will use the ATA to link a fax machine to ICTFAX. Fax machines differ greatly, and effective fax transmissions rely on a range of factors above our control. We invite you to use ICTFAX as an option.



Cover sheet support

New version support covers Fax while sending fax documents. User can send a Fax document with fax cover sheet

Email Message as Fax

New version support sending an email message to be printed as a Fax document on the remote side in an Email to Fax.

Other Features and Benefits

There are just some extra features that you will get from ICTFAX are the following:

Manage Contacts

You can easily manage/search your contacts when you log into your account or in your ICTFAX account.

Fax Search

Easily search all fax that you have ever sent or received via ICTFAX using keywords, recipient name, date, or other parameters.

User Management

You can manage super easily users in the Administrations option. There you can manage user’s roll, edit, new, and all other settings. You can also do user wise limitation such as daily and monthly.

CDR Report

Option to view or download CDR reports for further processing.

Open Source

Open Source = High Software Quality. ICTFAX is open source it means users are provided with solutions that offer a variety of benefits: high-quality source code, stability, high performance, and a high level of security.


Rebranding is the development of a new look and feels for a well-established product or business. The typical purpose of rebranding is to impact the consumer’s view of the product or service or the business as a whole by revitalizing the brand and making it look more contemporary and important to the needs of the customer.

Project of ICTInnovations

ICTFAX is a project of ictinnovations. ICT Innovations is an open-source solution provider focused on delivering imaginative enterprise models to Internet Telephony Service Providers in order to discover new ways to generate their revenue by providing advanced services.