Autodialing is an automatic dialing technique of contact numbers, instead of dialing contact number one by one manually its dial automatically. Nowadays most of the business used this technique to maximize their business sales and most of the telemarketing companies also used this autodialing system. For automatic dialing need an Autodialer software solution like ICTBroadcast Autodialer Software. Autodialer software is a dialing system which takes contact number from a contact list and dials these number on the answer of call play prerecorded sales message and on pressing some specific key call is transferred to live agent for further assistance.

By using Autodialer software (eg, ICTBroadcast) you can save your time. Autodialer software provides many ways to save time such as Autodialer dial contact number automatically from a list if you have a list of thousand number which you need to dial it take too much time to dial each number one by one manually. Autodialer software has to retry option which also saves time and maximizes business sales by dialing again those number which in the first attempt are busy and no answer or rejects due to any other reasons.

Autodialer software provides the facility to integrate your Autoidlaer software with an external call center or Customer Relationship Management(CRM) solution. By integrating with CRM you can increase the functionality of your Autodialer and maximize your business sale. By using integration with CRM you can record the previous data of your customer which helps you further communicate with a prospective customer. By integrating Autodialer with External Call Center like ICTBroadcast software your agent can monitor the information about caller ID, call duration, and campaign statistics are provided at the end of every campaign, with caller info, call duration, and agent data, etc.

Autodialer software also impacts business income statements by reducing operating costs tremendously. Autodialer telephony technology is a cheap method of communication and advertisement of companies’ products and services as compared to other older methods of communication and advertisement. By using Autodialer software no need to purchase costly telephony equipment and advertisement through Autodialer software is too cheap as compared to television commercials, billboards adds, banner adds, etc.